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Our dojo provides the perfect environment to perform the martial art forms that have been passed down through the centuries. We have custom gear for sale including Gi, practice weaponry, pads and gloves, and home practice equipment. Our mats and safety equipment are top of the line, and our facilities are cleaned between lessons daily.

To join the dojo or learn more about the styles we offer, please stop by for an introduction and tour from one of our experienced staff.

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We teach many different styles of martial arts at our dojo including Aikido, Bando Thaing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Chanbara, Gatka, Judo, Karate, Kendo, Sambo, and Taekwondo
Our dojo is conveniently located, and we offer discounts for group signups. Stop by and attend a class today!

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We train emergency personnel in techniques which encourage the responsible use of force, personal protection and safety. The discipline which comes with proper training in the martial arts also allows emergency personnel to remain calm in the stressful situations which can arise daily in their professions.

Our sensei has worked closely with police, the fire brigade, emergency medical services, and with hospital staff to promote peace and safety in the community since 1972.